Laser Treatments
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Hair Removal
Hair Restoration
Tattoo Removal
Wrinkles and Fine Lines
Cellulite Inch and Weight Loss
Freckles and Age Spots
Breast Enlargement
Breast Firming
Acne and Scars
Spider Veins
All types of Skin Treatments
Skin Tightening
Sun damage recovery,
Acne and acne scar removal
Skin renewing and
Wrinkle removal,
Skin tightening,
Smooth burn scars and
surgery scars, etc...
Remove intractable,
chloasmas and pigmentation
New way to eliminate spider
veins in 1 to 2 treatments
with no down time.
Laser Treatments
Now doing Toenail and Fingernail
Fungus Removal Treatment
$499.00 per foot or hand