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You've got questions about your
hair, and we've got the answers!

Why does hair loss happen?

Genetics, hormones and environmental
issues, as well as stress, diet and
daily activity can all be factors.

What can I do?

Taking your vitamins can help. (B1),
riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), biotin and
zinc can all factor into the thickness of
your hair.  Exercise could be beneficial,
too.  We designed this to work with just
about any regimen you use to
maximize the results of a healthy hair

Am I alone with this problem?

No Way!  Over 100 million men and
women can relate to hair loss issues.
It's often a problem that emerges
gradually over time--it's not like you
can suddenly pull out handfuls of hair
one day!  That's why a solution like
this is so great.  When you start
early, you can keep the hair you have
strong, healthy and intact, and
rejuvenate hair that's thinning
elsewhere.  Stop worrying about hair
loss, and live your life!